June 7, 2019

A much needed makeover

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When it comes to getting paid to create content, working on your own often falls by the wayside. It's not that I don't want to. Honestly. It's just that old habits die hard. And I learned a long time, in my life back in agency, that your work always comes after a clients. So I'd say for the past year or so, my website hasn't really been reflecting the majority of work I was doing for clients. And it wasn't showing half as much of my work as this one does.
I guess this is a way of saying this makeover was a bit overdue. Well here it is, welcome to my website 2.0. And in a week's time, it'll be my business' third birthday, so what better way to celebrate turning 3 than with a new website?
In the last three years, a lot of things have changed. For a start, almost all of my work right now is content strategy or content creation based. So it felt like a good time to make sure that my website started to reflect a little more of what I do. And to show more of my portfolio of work, and the lovely clients that I've worked with.
When I first launched my website, I had every intention of adding more work to it as I went and using my blog as business development tool. Sadly, the realities of freelancing mean this sometimes needs to fall by the wayside in favour of client work. And having cut my teeth in a brand communications agency, it shouldn't be that surprising. When you're working for an agency, you learn very quickly that your stuff always comes last because, obviously, clients come first. And as I already said, I guess you could say old habits die hard.
But actually in redoing my site, and taking a little step back from project work, I've actually learned some valuable lessons. The reality check I needed actually came a month after I'd finished planning the new website's pages. A client I'd love to work for told me she didn't realise I did brand photography commissions. So I thought it was about time to shake things up, and show people what kind of work I offer and how I can help their brand.
And so in the end I've realised, I'm going to have to work a little harder to break the old agency habit. I'm going to have to try and keep a little portion of my week reserved for 'me stuff'. Whether that's updating my site with new projects, writing a blog post, or pitching to new clients. So, I guess here goes nothing...