September 26, 2017

My Pet HQ’s Rapunzel is Braving the Shave

North East Rapunzel

Since I started my career, I've had the honour of working with some truly remarkable people. It might sound like an exaggeration but honestly it isn't. And I feel incredibly lucky to call some of them my clients! So let me tell you a quick story about one of them who needs your help... Meet Terri, one of the three North East business women behind My Pet HQ. Terri is a real life Rapunzel who's about to donate all of her amazing hair to charity. All of it. Like every single inch.

At 40 inches, it's going to be the largest donation which Little Princess Trust have on record and it's going to completely transform the life of a little girl (or maybe a few little girls because this is a lot of hair that we're talking about...) who has sadly lost her's through illnesses like cancer and alopecia. Having been affected by alopecia personally, I understand how much losing your hair can affect you and I'm in awe of what Terri is about to do. So much so, that spreading the word and chatting to journalists about her endeavour has pretty much taken over the last couple of weeks!

After a brilliant morning at BBC Newcastle, spreading the word to the North East about her incredible pledge, Terri called me to say that a little old man had popped into her Morpeth based store. The man had heard her interview on the radio and taken a bus all the way from Low Fell to Morpeth to donate a very generous £100 and a wooly hat, in case she was feeling a little chilly after Sunday! So I thought it was about time I did my bit to try and get word out there through my little corner of the internet because in just 5 days time, Terri will be braving the shave and shedding her signature locks (which have taken about 15 years to grow to the impressive length they are now) completely.

So here's my little appeal, please give whatever you can: