Social Media & Content Marketing

Where social media is concerned, the question is no longer should your business be using it, it's how your business should be using it. There's a lot of people who'll tell you that to be a success, your business has to be on every platform and that as far as content goes it's about quantity over quality.

I'm not one of those people.

Social media is a powerful tool. But only when used well. And it's not enough just to put a tweet out every now and then. It's about consistent and high quality content creation: from the images you share on your Instagram to your blog posts. They're all linked and they all help to build a picture of who your brand is and influences why customers decide they should engage with your business.

social media marketing and consultancy services North East

Social Media & Content Marketing Services

  • Strategy & management
  • Content creation & photography
  • Analysis & reporting
  • Training & coaching
  • Workshops

My approach to social media and content marketing is to always start with your strategy. If you've got one already then great! We'll start with that, working through and figuring out which platforms are going to work best for your business. And of course coming up with a strategy that will help you to grow.

I can create great quality content on your behalf that's all packaged and ready to upload, whether that's a library of photos ready to share on social media or a little blog post here and there. I can provide hands-on support, if you’re still a bit of a novice, coaching you in how to create good content. Or I can provide consultancy, helping you to build on what you have to create a more consistent presence online, and putting the strategy and guidelines in place to help guide you along the way.

Maybe you feel like you haven't got time to write that blog post. Or you're not sure where your social media strategy is headed. Maybe you're running low on content and need more photos. Or things are getting a little stale and you could use a content creation workshop to get your creative juices flowing. Whatever your content needs I offer support that's tailored to you!

And sure, if you need a little more support with managing social media, I can help you out. But if you're looking for a cheap service to churn out poor quality, unconsidered content for your social channels, or handle all your customer complaints, then you're in the wrong place!